Design-Manufacturing-Delivery: 1 week


In order to meet your specific needs for the production of emergency drilled blocks for troubleshooting, we now offer a service for the production of blocks within an extremely short and guaranteed time frame.


Time limit

1 calendar week maximum, delivered to your premises.

Subject to the following reservations:

        • The diagram, the nomenclature, the desired layout, must be fixed and supplied when ordering.
        • Agreement on the overall plan must be delivered in less than half a day. If the agreement is delivered within a longer period of time, then the 1 week period restarts on the date the agreement is submitted.
        • Transport time is included in the final deadline on the basis of one day throughout mainland France. However, any delay due to the carrier cannot be considered as a failure of our commitment.
        • In the event of delivery abroad, our 1 week deadline commitment is made on the "ex-works" date.


Additional costs

The additional costs for the supply will be:

          • Fixed surcharge of € 100 per reference.
          • 40% proportional overcost of the manufacturing price of the block (s).

In the event that the delivery is made outside the time limit, ChronoBloc additional costs will not be invoiced.


Shipping fees

The shipping costs (always carried out in express) are to be envisaged in addition.


Commercial conditions

The ChronoBloc service can be performed on a block declared "Eligible for the ChronoBloc option" in our estimate.

The option must be chosen within a maximum period of 3 days after submission of the quote.

It can be a new block, the renewal of an already completed block or a small batch of blocks.


Order termination

        • If the order is canceled after submission of the study: the study fees AND the ChronoBloc additional costs will be invoiced.
        • If the order is declared non-urgent before submission of the study: ChronoBloc additional costs will not be invoiced and the deadline becomes standard again.


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